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Yahoo Messenger is shutting down on 17 July

Yahoo Messenger is shutting down on 17 July. Yahoo has finally announced a big and important decision as the company is going to officially shut down its Messenger. According to the company, Yahoo Messenger will not be supported after 17 July 2018.

Yahoo Messenger has been one of the most popular and long-lived services of the Yahoo which was launched by the company back in 1998.

According declared that throughout the development phases of communication landscape, it gained many loyal users since the start of the service.  Now, it’s time that company want to focus on latest interesting and exciting communication tools that so they can better be able to meet consumer needs.

At present, there is no replacement service for Yahoo Messenger however company is experimenting with new services and apps and one of the apps is Yahoo Squirrel, which is in beta version at this time.

On the other hand, users of Yahoo Messenger have six months to download their chats from it. Users won’t be able to access or sign in to Yahoo Messenger after 17 July 2018. But, Yahoo ID will continue to work for other services like Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Fantasy.

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It is important to mention here that in 2017; around 3 billion Yahoo accounts were affected as a result of the data breach that happened in 2013. This was the biggest hack ever in the history of the internet.

At hacking of a huge number of accounts, Yahoo faced a large number of consumer class-action lawsuits in US federal and state courts.

Following that data hack, the most senior lawyer at Yahoo resigned due to a report that revealed that the company didn’t look into the case involving hack of Yahoo accounts. The CEO at Yahoo declined her 2016 bonus and stock awards as well for that year.

Back to the point, if you’re using Yahoo Messenger, then you have chance to backup your files or massages till17 July 2018. After this there would be no option to get back your Yahoo Messenger’s data.

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