Priyanka Chopra Being Requested To Be Sent To Pakistan

Priyanka Chopra Being Requested To Be Sent To Pakistan

Priyanka Chopra one of the top Bollywood actors has been under the public’s scrutiny since a while now after the highly contentious Quantico episode igniting fury in India, and things are now leading up to even more hostile responses.

Following the apologies by both the network airing the show ABC, and Priyanka Chopra herself, reports fo reveal that radical group Hindu Sena broke out in protests against the Priyanka, stating that she has been “degrading Hindus as terrorists and saying India sponsors terror to frame Pakistan.”

Protesters swayed placards reading hostile remarks and demanding that the Baywatch actor be sent to Pakistan.

The Hindu community also demands a boycott on all of Chopra’s work and brands she supports.

Here is a reading from the statement released by the group,

“Started her career by crying foul about being ill-treated and being victim of racism in United States, Priyanka Chopra used derogatory reference to India and Hindus in her American series, Quantico.”

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The statement also added that a woman crowned Miss World, a daughter of an Indian Army officer, who got a chance to represent India, a Bollywood actor and part of other national and international humanitarian projects & UN goodwill ambassador has stooped to such lows to gain a few dollars and to add to her fame with a desperate attempt to fit in international circle(s) is deadly shameful and disgraceful.

However, when the Hindu community is making demands to send Miss Chopra to Pakistan, Bollywood actor Pooja Bhatt has voiced her support for Priyanka by stepping forward on Twitter saying: “When Priyanka Chopra makes a mark for herself Internationally we claim her achievements as our own & then threaten to ban her films & make her apologise for a work of fiction that has been created by someone else. Can we please attempt to be larger than that?”

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