PICO-KBU4 Is A Rugged & Expandable Compact SBC By AAEON

PICO-KBU4 Is A Rugged & Expandable Compact SBC By AAEON

PICO-KBU4 Is A Rugged & Expandable Compact SBC By AAEON. AAEON has recently announced the launch of a rugged and expandable compact SBC called PICO-KBU4. This ABC would come with the capacity to revolutionize the field of robotics. Another aim with this rugged SBC is to get the drone market opened up for x86 embedded controllers.

The PICO-KBU4 is fitted with a 7th Generation Intel Core i processor (formerly Kaby Lake). It features up to 16GB DDR4 SODIMM memory and has the computing power to handle applications that were previously only possible with much larger motherboards.

 Its market-leading pair of GbE LAN ports enable the use of 2 HD cameras, and with its GPIO, 2 COM ports, 2 USB3.0 ports, and 2 USB2.0 pin headers, it can connect to alongside ability to control a range of sensors.

The PICO-KBU4’s compact, lightweight specs are an obvious advantage with drones, robotics, & even conventional, factory machine vision systems.

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The board is to be used in spaces once considered too small to house a powerful embedded controller.  Low power-consumption figures of the board are an additional benefit with battery-reliant drones.

A 0oC~60oC operating temperature range, HDMI & LVDS ports, SATA slot, alongside M.2 B as well as E keys for extra storage and WiFi / Bluetooth connectivity make this an extremely flexible SBC.

Customers of this SBC can expand the already impressive IO interface by adding a custom-made daughter board through an optional board-to-board interface.

According to the company’s embedded computing division product manager, this board’s combination of high-performance computing with a small form factor means that the board will be the future of not only factory automation systems, but of robotics, and advanced drones too.

Jones Huang also states, “Any drone equipped with a PICO-KBU4 will be able to stay in the air for a long time, and that will make it a powerful surveillance tool or air quality monitor.”

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