Shaheen Air office briefly sealed and then reopened after tax payment to FBR

Shaheen Air office briefly sealed and then reopened after tax payment to FBR

Shaheen Air office briefly sealed and then reopened after tax payment to FBR. The central office of of Shaheen Air in Karachi had been sealed briefly by Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Thursday, over non-payment of Rs910 million in Federal Excise Duty (FED).

According to the FBR officials, they ordered to reopened the office after the private airline payed two cheques worth Rs 910 million to revenue authorities .

Before that, the central office Shaheen Air was sealed off when talks between FBR officials and Shaheen Air administration turned unsuccessful in the evening.

On the other hand, it has been seen that during sealing off the office, a disagreement and heated words exchanged between the airline’s chief security officer and FBR officials.

However, the airline spokesperson had said there was no clash or fight between them and FBR as it was a typical payment delay issue.

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Aaccording to a spokesman of Shaheen Air, FBR under pressured the comapny with regard to payment of tax. Moreover, the revenue authority had declined to receive cheques from the airline.

Furthermore, Shaheen Air was an honest and law-abiding enterprise and it was mindful of its responsibilities being the biggestprivate airlines of the country, the spokeperson said.

However, it was only main office that was sealed by FBR as flight schedule and all other operations of Shaheen Air were continuing as per routine, the spokesman added.

According to the details, the issue of non paymentemerged due to Eid holidays.

Not to know, in the recent past (May), the FBR had orderd to Civil Aviation Authority for suspension of local flight operations of Shaheen Air due to nonpayment of tax to FED, The News reported.

In addition, the FBR had also ordered andbounded a bank to attach all the accounts of the company with urgent impact.

A letter has been sent to the director general of CAA which showed that Rs 521.397 million was recoverable from the Shaheen Air International Limited under Federal Excise Act, 2005.

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