Dubai Police arrests two men for selling woman for Dh5,500 via WhatsApp in Dubai

Dubai Police arrests two men for selling woman for Dh5,500 via WhatsApp in Dubai

Dubai Police arrests two men for selling woman for Dh5,500 via WhatsApp in Dubai. Dubai court sentenced two Bangladeshi men -aged 25 and 28- five years each in prison. The duo was accused of trying to sell an absconding Indonesian maid for Dh5,500 via WhatsApp.

The Court Of First Instance find both the men guilty of human trafficking charge and with them 2 other Bangladeshis aged 36 and 31- were also jailed for 5 years each for aiding and abetting the criminals in selling the victim and driving the girl to the ‘buyer’.

The court convicted 4 men of running a flat as a prostitution den, facilitating prostitution by bringing men to have sex with the victim in their place. 3 of those men had illicit consensual sex with the victim.

However, police could make arrest on 5th of February 2018 in Al Muraqqabat.

The 41-year-old victim was placed at the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children. The victim was a divorced mother with three children who arrived in Dubai on January 4, 2017, and served an Emirati family in Abu Dhabi. She got in contact with a woman and told her that she was not happy at work because her sponsor’s wife was very demanding. That woman introduced the victim to another woman –a wanted runaway– who promised the victim a part-time job on a Dh1,500 salary.

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The Emirati family maid ran away from her sponsor’s house on January 20 this year at 3pm, and hired a bus to reach Dubai. I was picked up later by a man who took me to a house. The runaway woman directed the victim to work as a prostitute which she agreed to do.

Later on, the victim was taken to a room-partitioned house where she had sex with men to get paid.

The runaway woman would always direct her by WhatsApp to not make trouble or she would be taken to other houses to serve as sex toy. “Around 10pm on February 5, I was told to pack my bag as I would be taken to another house. A few minutes after I rode in the first defendant’s car, the police raided the place. I had no idea I was being sold,” told the victim to prosecutor.

According to a police lieutenant who was tipped-off by a secret source that a woman was put for sale only for Dh5,500. The police lieutenant sent the informant to meet the defendants as a potential buyer in Hor Al Anz. A

After the main defendant did collect the money, which belonged to the Dubai Police from the informant, police raided the car and set the victim free after arresting the 2 suspects.

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