Facebook & Twitter to introduce new ad transparency tools

Facebook & Twitter to introduce new ad transparency tools

Facebook & Twitter to introduce new ad transparency tools. In order to ensure advertisement transparency, Facebook and Twitter have announced some big changes on their respective platforms.

In a press conference, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg announced that different tools are being introduced on the platform for the transparency and information about ads running on the social media site.

In this regard, now each Facebook page will have a tab named “Info and Ads.” Users can click on that tab to know details about the page and every ad that the page would be running along. It will tell you details about when the age was founded and any other famous changes that were made during the timeline.

Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, said:

“Our ultimate goal is very simple: We want to reduce bad ads and make sure people understand what they are saying. We believe advertisers and us should be held accountable for content and ads.”

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On interesting note, this announcement comes when the U.S. midterm elections are just around the corner. Previously, Facebook came under extensive criticism for the spread of fake news and aggressive political propaganda spread by foreign agents on the platform during the 2016 presidential election.

Apart from these changes, Facebook is also offering a deeper look into its advertising operation to its users. The company will reveal how many political advertisers spend on their ads.

It will also let people to search and see what ads are being shown in a particular country and on a particular page. Pakistani users can also take benefit from this tab to see which political party is spending on ads at different Facebook pages.

Twitter also released details about its new Advertising Transparency Center, following the Facebook’s announcement. According to Twitter, the centre will allow the public to spot all ads that are running on the service and for how long. Another purpose of this centre is to offer a different “look and feel” for political ads so they’re easier to distinguish among others.

In a recent tweet, twitter confirmed that it’s launching its transparency tool, According to the tweet,

“Our Ads Transparency Center is launching today! More to come, want to find out who is advertising on Twitter? Today we launched the Ads Transparency Center, which lets you do just that.”

Let’s see, can these transparency tools make any difference to current scenario or these are just tricks to play the minds of users to ensure political ads transparency.

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