This app is turning the table for children to get education through fun ways

This app is turning the table for children to get education through fun ways

This app is turning the table for children to get education through fun ways. Education is fun if learn and get through proper channels. In order to bring such a platform, an organization named Orenda developed “Taleemabad” app.

“Taleemabad” is an online application which teaches the national curriculum in an “engaging way to the country’s youngsters”. The objective behind this move is to educate young ones of age group 3-7 all across the world in the subjects of English, Urdu, Maths and General Knowledge through different creative ways like fun videos and learning games.

Moreover, Orenda (non-profit dedicated) is improving the quality of education via its Taleemabad cartoon series, as well as the Taleemabad Learning App.

The application was released in February, 2017, and features animated episodes and games to encourage basic literacy and numeracy among children.

The app with its 15,000+ downloads, is available nationwide. Taleemabad is also admired and have popular in Johannesburg, Pretoria, London and Mountain View (California).

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Taleemabad works on the idea that through fun ways children learns fast, better and remain engaged for longer. Apart from games, application boasts an adventures cartoon series featuring local characters which also involve learning. Such as, an episode on receiving eidi on Eid day is shared with a lesson on arithmetic.

Furthermore, the application also features content and testing mechanisms created by teachers, animators and game developers particularly well familiar with needs of students in rural Pakistan.

Orenda aims to offer underprivileged children with innovative learning models and employs technology for this purpose. Zunaira Arshad of Orenda said, “Our mission is to get this application to as many deserving children as possible. This will enable us to make up where public schooling falters and private tutors fleece children”.

In order to formulate programmes on revamping education standards through technology, the organization has worked alongside both, public and private sectors.

In this regard, the group has been awarded the British honour for developing Taleemabad.

It is important to mention here that three Pakistanis receive Queen’s Young Leaders award and Orenda’s chairman was one of them.

The honor was awarded on youth across the Commonwealth for distinguished service. Yasin was felicitated in connection with Orenda’s “path-breaking work in education”.

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