Encounter with shark

Encounter with shark

Encounter with shark. “[My boyfriend and his parents] were screaming at me not to do it,” said 19-year-old Katarina Zarutskie when she was talking about her experience of getting bitten by a shark when she waded into the ocean in an area rife with nurse sharks.

Katarina is a Instagram model who was doing a photoshoot for the ‘gram can have serious consequences and went to learn it in a hard way. She was on vacation in the Bahamas and had a shark chomp down on her left arm.

 The model was posing for photos in the water and her boyfriend and his family stood on the beach to snap photos of Katarina.

 The impromptu photo shoot ended up when one shark swam up to her to make the model (who was apparently unaware that she was about to become shark bait) shark bait.

Katarina Zarutskie has about 30,000 followers and runs a blog called “Vogue and Vegetables”. She has since made her Instagram private, and her original post is no longer visible online.

Buzzfeed reports that she initially posted about her ordeal with the caption, “PSA: Sharks are cute and can nibble at times if not careful.”

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However, the model has positive thinking and says,

“A lot of locals that were just excited and encouraging me to swim with them and I saw it as another opportunity to connect with nature,”

The experience in the ocean made her aware that it when the sharks see blood they took it as their food so she pulled her hand above her head to rescue herself.

She has been taking severall medications to treat her wound, which doctors are monitoring and the, model has no regrets about the experience.

Though the youth is influenced by social media to take selfies in danger zones like one that made Katarina Zarutskie shark bait, it is worth remembering that social media is not as much reality as our lives and we should not sacrifice the it if we want to post our selfies by ourselves not by others under the statements of sadness and remembrance.

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