Apple pacifies Chinese market over sensitive bug!

Apple pacifies Chinese market over sensitive bug!

Apple pacifies Chinese market over sensitive bug. Very strange news came from Apple Co., as whenever people in China anyone typed Taiwan or emoji of Taiwanese flag appears, it would crash the app from which you type it. And it came to know that it was an unintentional bug in a much-planned censorship feature, one that Apple includes in every iPhone in the world in a clear attempt to pacify the Chinese government.

Patrick Wardle, a security researcher and also a former NSA staffer has worked on and off to deconstruct that emoji mystery.He was the one who found that Apple added some code to iOS with intention that phones in China wouldn’t display a Taiwanese flag.

Wardle got this new from his friend that showed him something really weird, as every time the Taiwanese flag emoji appeared on her iPhone for any reason, the app that had displayed it immediately crashed.

According to Wardle, iOS has integrated that Chinese censorship function since at least early 2017. Just switch your iPhone’s location setting to China, and you will get to know that Taiwanese flag emoji really disappears i phone.

It all happened due to a favor of Apple given to Chinse government as for the last 70 years has maintain that Taiwan is a part of China and has no legitimate independent government.

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Not to know, disappearing Taiwan’s flag in China is simply one of several favors Apple has made to the country’s dictatorship, just like moving Chinese Apple users’ data to servers located in China and removing censorship-skirting VPNs from the App Store there.

According to Wardle, the reason behind crashing the phone and missing of Taiwan emoji from the phone’s library was considered as an invalid input for iphones. Hackers call it a “denial-of-service attack” that would let anyone crash a susceptible device on command.

Although, Wardle warned Apple about the fault in mid-June, the company released a patch yesterday, saying just that “a denial-of-service issue was addressed in improved memory handling.”

“If Apple had never tried to appease the Chinese government, the bug would never have been introduced in the first place,” Wardle says.

However, finally the bug has now been fixed whichwas spotted in iOS 11.3. The confirmation of this fix was mention in blog post by security researcher Patrick Wardle.

However, according to Wardle, Apple patched the bug in iOS 11.4.1.

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