This young Pakistani Student Stabbed to Death in China

This young Pakistani Student Stabbed to Death in China

This young Pakistani Student Stabbed to Death in China. Recently, a Pakistani student named Moiz-ud-Din has been bashed to death in China over just a little dispute with a Chinese cyclist.

Moiz, a 26-year-old student was studying in China after scoring the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) scholarship in Nanjing Normal University.

This heartbroken incident happened in an open street when a cyclist pulled out a knife and stabbed him. Then, from where the injured student was taken to the nearby hospital, but he did not live to tell the tale and surviving the wounds died later in the hospital on the same day.

It is important to mention here that Moiz was was enrolled in a Chinese language program at the university since was the part of the mandatory course before beginning his post-graduate studies in the country.

Each year, CSC offers scholarships to Pakistani students. Some of them are directly enrolled through the CSC whereas others are referred by the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) after an NTS test.

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On the other hand, CSC has confirmed this incident stating that the student was enrolled in Nanjing Normal University under a scholarship program.

What really happened at the moment?

The CCTV footage of the sorrowful incident came into view, which led to the identification and arresting of the suspect. The murder of the Pakistani student was also captured via this CCTV the video. In the video, two individuals can be seen arguing over some matter.

The Chinese national first walked away from Moiz and suddenly come back with a knife starting a fight in the process. On the other way, Moiz also tried to knock him down. However, he got stabbed many times and got serious injuries.

After knocking down the expat Pakistani student, the cyclist left the place of the incident.

What’s your opinion on this matter? Should CSC need to pass the laws for the safety of Pakistani students who get their education from abroad through scholarship programs?

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