Adjusting the ecommerce horizon to suit the new shoppers….

Adjusting the ecommerce horizon to suit the new shoppers….

Adjusting the ecommerce horizon to suit the new shoppers. Customers today prefer and want targeted marketing. That personalized approach can infact be called the cornerstone of the ecommerce initiative pushed forward around the globe. Fast changing demands of the customers include the ability to buy ‘anywhere, anytime’ by applying modern technologies” like machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Too much has been said about personalization in ecommerce, which is shifting toward tailoring the experience to individual customers, more than ever before. Thatpoint has been emphasized by many thought leaders in the ecommerce industry. What is more people related to ecommerce industry should be aware of are the trends below for the current year?

Chatbot-powered customer engagement

Even if you are on the old way of engaging customers (email, call etc), ensure that you are available any time your customers try to reach you, make it sure that you are replying your customers earlier than they expect. It will leave a lasting impact on your customer and they will be pleased to come to you again. Millennialgeneration is ready to spend $618 via a Chatbot, an amazing income stream for owners of ecommerce store.

Chatbot a software; enable shoppers (without requiring them to install a native app) engage with brands with platforms such as Skype, Kik and Facebook Messenger.  The best way for you if you want not to miss your customers, is to use chat bots. This is because the world is getting fast paced and want everything fast and chat bots are the best way to interact with your customers as people prefer using messaging apps instead of dialling numbers of typing email addresses and chat bots fit there well.  Enter the Chatbot able to reach customers and respond to requests in real-time, learn more about them & personalize their shopping experience based on their responses.

Though 35% of consumers want more Chatbot in ecommerce businesses, they do lack one key element “ability to empathize”. That’s why it is essential to have a human customer service representative standing by.

Multiple payment methods

I don’t again visit a site not compatible with payment method I choose to buy same is the case with other customers, so being an ecommerce store owner, you should embrace multiple payment methods so that customers buy easily. Also try to enable your customers customize shipping options and make them alert when they are required to be stocking up on expiring products. Ppayment methods such as Apple Pay have become more popular on ecommerce sites, along with much more tailored automated workflows, to let customers know when they should be stocking up on products, with expiration dates &options to ship to their nearest store, or ship from one store to another. Matter not wwhether the payment method is Google Wallet, PayPal, Square or Bitcoin.

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Tailored shopping experience

Segmentyour prospects and customers to reach out to your customers in a more personalized fashion. So that you create a unique shopping experience for every person visiting your website. It is true that not all your prospects and customers are coming to your site for the same reason. Even if your product is a niche offering, youhavee probably already discovered that youaree serving several different types of customers. So, it is best tossegment them into groups in the beginning; and the step from you will be considered the status quo.

Smart search

 Thoughmany content-management systems have built-in solutions for search, most of them are simply insufficient when it comes to helping customers navigate your website and find exactly what theyaree looking for. So, implementation of smart search on your site will be a good choice as smart search makes it easier ofr visitors to find what they are looking for. Smart search solution is becoming increasingly popular for ecommerce merchants.Drive more sales by attracting your customers with smart search.

 AI, AR & VR

Ecommerce business owners stand to benefit a great deal from AI, AR and VR technologies, and they are getting prepared to embrace them moving forward. These technologies are going to disrupt every industry in the coming years, but ecommerce store owners are going to benefit the most from these technologies. So, fonus on adapting these technologies into viable business processes to enhance the user experience of ecommerce stores. These technologies will help you personalize and enhance your shopping experience in unprecedented ways, and you will be able to boost engagement of your visitors through hyper-personalization.

Larger international market

Now merchants are considering the inevitable growth of international ecommerce market and are seeking ways to allow multiple types of payment alongside utilizing free or to some extent cheap shipping solutions to reach customers beyond the borders. Consider the recent Nielsen mentioning that 57 percent of shoppers polled had purchased from an overseas retailer within the past six months and decide about your business’s fortune in a modern way. Try to avail solutions like Big Commerce, to handle global markets in more than 150 countries. It is easy now to accept payments through a number of gateways from integrations, including PayPal & Stripe, without transaction fees. Avail shipping calculators and integrations to easily ship products internationally and to account for the necessary shipping fees & taxes, without biting into profit margin. Your ecommerce store will display in nearly any language with nearly any currency, so you need not to be worry where your customers are from.


Marketing personalization enable merchants to gather more data on their customers alongside prospects than ever before. It has become an expectation of the modern consumer. In the beginning you can use demographics, previous buying behaviour and browsing history to personalise shipping experiences. Try to access right data for easier personalization and figure this data on your own takes time.

Evergage is a real time personalization platform that combines behavioural analytics with your customer data and advanced machine learning; essential for ecommerce success. Interact with each person visiting your store and deliver a truly personalized and individualized experience.

Heavier security

In this technologically advanced age, retailers lose billions of dollars annually to fraud, signalling the requirement for merchants to protect themselves and their customers. Ensure heavier security from specialized services and storefront platforms and being a merchant it is necessary to seek ways to prevent fraud. Now security has become a bigger priority.

According to CyberSource’s 2017 Online Fraud Benchmark report, 58 percent of merchants polled considered their address verification service to be one of their 3 most effective fraud-prevention tools. Other services that were considered useful were for card verification numbers & device fingerprinting. Only 25 % of merchants considered negative lists and 2-factor phone authentication among the most effective tools. Chargeback rate is the most important key performance indicator, Manual (though costly) review also suggested it to be helpful against fraud.


To derive more revenue and to increase conversions, use of latest technologies to personalise your customer experience is inevitable. To get prepared for competition with tomorrow’s ecommerce store owners   with their marketing wings spread all over the globe while based in even some small country, it is essential to get in touch all the time with tech innovations and advancements. Integration of the Chatbot and fast taken steps to curb and prevent fraud are the essential things to be considered first to let not your customers leave your site.

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