Beating sleep disorder in summer season; an expert opinion..

Beating sleep disorder in summer season; an expert opinion..

Beating sleep disorder in summer season; an expert opinion. Sleep disorder is a common problem faced by inhabitants of tropical climatic regions. Hot weather gets combined with stress and a habit of drinking tea of coffee after a long day hard work, and this mixture of habits leads us to a bad quality of sleep or sleeplessness.  But experts are always present to help you get rid of the issue only with some suggestions to be followed, here are expert suggestions for you to bud your family a good night for a night that is really a good one.

Ensure air circulation:

Sleep disorder experts recommend you to open windows and doors to create a soothing environment so that fresh air is always present in your room and the room temperature is not high even in soaring temperatures. Circulating air creates a cooling effect in the bedroom and improves your sleep quality.

Control the temperature:

Temperature has a big impact on the quality of one’s sleep. Ideally, your bedrooms should be around 16 – 18 degrees but at nighttime, temperatures may become higher, it can be difficult for you to achieve that right degree of temperature. So you should take pre-sleep steps like going through the temperature forecast and decide your meals and liquid intake according to the need of time.

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No synthetic quilts:

About 80 percent of people are seen struggling to sleep in hot weather while they have still synthetic quilts in their rooms. These quilts only add to the already unbearable room temperature in summers.

Change of some routines:

Stop eating curries, avoid heavy food or drinks at lunch. For a satisfactory sleep it is important to change your gym timing and it is best to curb evening session there. Ensure your second time gym session 4 to 5 hours before your bedtime.

Coffee or big meals can make you feel nauseated and sweaty in the middle of the night through dehydration or over-active digestion, so avoid this all.

 Have a heavy lunchtime water intake session and try to eat minimum two hours before your bedtime to avoid heartburn and indigestion.

Goodbye stress:

Let your stress go unchecked.  It is important to tackle stress as the physiological effects of stress can lead to poor sleep and you can be prey to Insomnia.

Cool shower or bath:

Take a cool shower or bath before bedtime to lower down your core body temperature to help yourself with more sleep. If you don’t want a shower or bath, you must splash yourself with cool water at least.

Cool the pillowcase:

Place your bedding items in the fridge before bedtime, especially cool down your pillow case in the fridge to avoid being a hothead.

8 hours of sleep are must for adults, in case they do lack it, they should visit some doctor so that they are not prey to Insomnia (suffering from an inability to get to sleep).

If you wake up during the night or feel tired after waking up, you are (unfortunately) Insomniac. Go to the concerned doctor to come up with the issue.

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