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This is how Imran Khan victory speech won the hearts of nation

The chairman of PTI, Imran Khan has tremendously claimed victory in country’s parliamentary elections 2018, promising a “Naya Pakistan” (new Pakistan). People of Pakistan were overjoyed by Khan’s victory.

But, the celebrations doubled after the victory speech by country’s next prime minister as people got emotional the way he delivered each and every bit.

He gave his victory speech on Thursday in a televised address to the nation as he secured a comfortable win with 118 NA seats in the 2018 general elections.

 “Thanks to God, we won and we were successful. If God wills, we will set an example”, he said.

“When I came into politics, I wanted Pakistan to become the kind of country that our leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted.

This election is a historic election in Pakistan. In this election, people have sacrificed a lot.” He added.

The victory speech was conclusive with a reference to all points including foreign policy and governance model, as he delivered it in a very mature way. By that impressive approach he clearly managed to captivate his audience and won the hearts of nation.

In victory speech, he mentioned following crucial points:

  • Simplicity is what will be adopted during the tenure of PTI and it will start from me.
  • Accountability of every politician including me would be our main concern.
  • Spending over human development will be our priority.
  • As, human rights violations are on the rise in the valley so Kashmir is our vital issue and Pakistan and India should sit on table to settle the decisive matter like Kashmir.
  • Indian media made propaganda against me and portrayed me a villain. However, we want good relations with India.
  • There will be no political victimization.
  • People’s money will not be spared.

“I just want to say a few things about the kind of Pakistan I want to see. My inspiration is our Prophet who believed in a welfare state where we take responsibility for our weak.” He declared.

“We became the opposite of the welfare state we were to become. The state where poverty rose and the big dream for equality in Pakistan deteriorated.”

“I have dreamt of a Pakistan where weak, repressed and downtrodden are helped out by state. I have envisioned Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan in which basic human rights are fulfilled, merit is followed and poor are given what a welfare state should give out.”

“There will be no political victimization towards any of my opponents. The rule of law will apply equally to my supporters and those who are not.”

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“Accountability will begin with me, our ministers and then it will trickle down.”

Many analysts and journalists appraised his speech as he also stormed social media and gets lots of heartily reactions.

 On the other hand, Indian actor Rishi Kapoor also appraised IK for his victory speech, declaring, “Well-spoken Imran Khan.

Moreover, he admired Imran for his statements about the foreign policy between India and Pakistan.

 “I have been saying whatever you said on all channels past two days regarding India-Pakistan! I hope you succeed in making your country have good relations with my country,” he said on Twitter.

Finally we have got a PM who did speech without “Parchi “people declared on social media. Well, best of luck to Imran Khan, let’s see how things unfold in future.

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