Should Jemima join Imran’s oath-taking?

Should Jemima join Imran’s oath-taking?

Jemima join Imran’s oath-taking. Pakistan’s political history is going to be changed just weeks later when Imran Khan will take oath as the country’s new Prime minister  -the most exciting moments awaited for a long time by the general public of Pakistan. Preparations for the oath-taking of PTI leader as well as Pakistan’s new leader are on the peak and it is expected that the ceremony will held in the second week of August.

While everyone is expecting something new happening at the day of oath-taking of the new PM of Pakistan, a Pakistani actor namely Gogar Rasheed broke a trend on social media requesting foreign ministry to invite Imran Khan’s former wife Jemima Goldsmith for the oath-taking ceremony as a gesture of thanks – nice idea though somewhat complicated for Bushra Bibi, the 3rd wife of Imran Khan.

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While Rasheed tweets, “It is my humble request to the foreign ministry to please invite Ms JemimaKhan as an honourable guest in the oath-taking ceremony of the new prime minister of Pakistan,” adding that “We all owe her a special thanks due to many reasons and this would be the best tribute to a sincere friend”, general public appreciated the idea but a few took the idea to be hurting for the sentiments of Bushra Bibi.

However, Bushra Bibi is also expected by the public to admit that her husband’s achievement as a prime minister is just because of the support from Jemima Goldsmith and also she should remember that Jemima is no more Khan’s wife she is just mother of his husband’s kids si there is no need to be worried about her arrival at oath-taking, because after all Bushra Bibi is the wife of Imran Khan and every one admits that and even Jemima wishes her the best as Khan’s wife.

Imran Khan is all set to become the prime minister of the country after his massive achievement of 116 seats out of 270 NA seats. ECP has released results of all the seats polled on July 25 across the country.

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