Mr. Perfect should meet Mr. Tsunami….

Mr. Perfect should meet Mr. Tsunami….

Mr. Perfect should meet Mr. Tsunami. Social media posts inviting Amir Khan to visit Imran Khan’s “Naya Pakistan “is the rage these days as the Dangal star had promised Imran Khan to visit Pakistan when he is elected as the Prime Minister of the country. Twitter posts and other social media sites are filled with the messages left for Amir Khan to help him keep his promise.

Imran Khan has won 116 seats in National Assembly and is all set to take oath as a Prime Minister in the second week of August, though the date is not due. Imran Khan’s fans after electing him giving him a massive lead in the elections are now waiting for Amir Khan who had promised to come not only himself but several people with him to visit Pakistan. Amir Khan should now decide the day he will come here and what all he has to do is to leave a post on social media to see a dignified welcome from Pakistani fans at the airport.

The Bollywood star has lauded Khan’s efforts to turn Pakistan into a Naya Pakistan, through a throwback video. People are in want of seeing Amir Khan at the oath-taking of PTI leader Imran Khan as the party has swept the elections, and has secured a historic success in the general elections in Pakistan by bringing people out there houses for the first time even in the ages of above sixties.

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Worth to be mentioned here are Amir Khan’s words for Imran khan when Imran was a guest at a media event in India in 2012. Aamir said, “The ideology that you preach, the dream that you have (for Pakistan), I pray that you succeed in it. I hope to see a government in Pakistan, which will actually solve the imperative issues faced by the country. And I know that you will come out victorious because you have been struggling for years”, adding that “When you began your journey, I know that you faced many issues and hurdles that came your way but you stood against them. You’re firm in conviction and you’re still at it.”

At that time Amir promised Imran to visit Pakistan and said to be accompanying lot of Indians with him to celebrate Imran’s win, that why fans of both the stars of their different fields are waiting for Amir to join the victory celebrations of Imran Khan.

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