Veronica twin is going to be removed from her chest

Veronica twin is going to be removed from her chest

Veronica twin is going to be removed from her chest. A 14-year-old Philipinia girl born with extra limbs and an oblong-shaped torso growing from her chest belonging to a parasitic twin who didn’t develop properly, will finally live a normal life after carrying her parasitic “twin” sister with 2 extra arms and fingers for all this while.

The girls namely Veronica Cominguez, hails from Iligan city, and is now set to fly to neighbouring Thailand for an operation. The locals have raised money to help the girl get treatment to get rid of the extra parts that continued to grow with Cominquez that she even cleans and cuts finger nails for.

In her childhood she thought it just to be a foot, but she tells that when she was a grown up it became bigger and heavier causing limit to her movements. The teenager told the Mirror that the heavy existence on her chest keeps swinging leaving her dress wet all the time.

She also quoted that her family has history of twins and her mother Flora Cominguez told that she was unable to see a doctor properly during her pregnancy though she was aware of carrying twins in her womb and she had thought of names for both the babies but unfortunately her second baby couldn’t develop properly and caused frustration in life of Veronica Cominguez.

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The mother of  Veronica Cominguez also revealed that Veronica would always get wet because of the liquid that comes out of it which sometimes has blood on it adding that the liquid that comes out of the opening smells bad, just like human excretion.

Dr. Beda Espineda, a pediatric surgeon at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center is Veronica’s doctor who states that most of these cases can be removed, adding that “Because, usually, the body structures involved are not vital. Most of them are just attached to the skin or bones. For surgeons, it is easy to remove.”

A spokesman from the Barangay council of Kabacsanan showed to be happy for a clever, wonderful and mature pupil like Veronica for getting ready to live a normal and healthy life. He calls Veronica to be a sensible girl who can soon have an operation to live an easy life that has always been hard for her.

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