Google employees angry about censored search engine for China

Google employees angry about censored search engine for China

Google employees angry about censored search engine for China. Finally, the search engine giant Google agreed to Chinese terms and condition and plans to launch a censored version of its search engine in China. In this move, Google will block some websites and search terms.

It is important to mention here, 8 years ago China ditched the Google over not making the asked changes in search engine. Now Google is making return to the country’s market after being abandoned eight years ago due to issues related censorship.

However, the step taken by Google is not appreciated by many people and has been condemned by politicians, Google users and particularly by Google employees.

The project was underway since the spring of 2017 by code-named “Dragonfly”. And then last December, Google’s chief executive Sundar Pichai had a meeting with a top Chinese government official to discuss further process and progress.

On the other hand, Google hasn’t yet officially addressed about the authenticity of the report. However, a representative from the company told the Business Insider that, “We don’t comment on speculation about future plans,” well, this comment does not sound like a denial of the report.

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According to a report , Google employees are ‘confused and angry,’ and in fact, one of the employees has called the situation “the new Maven” while discussing this issue in a chat group used by a few Googlers.

This makes sense in reference to the recent controversy when Google employees were angry over the company’s project with the US Department of Defense about drone software, which is a venture named Project Maven.

About Google’s recent move to offer a censor search engine for Chinese, more than 3,000 employees had signed a letter to the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai, demanding that contract is scraped.

Marco Rubio, US Senator for Florida condemned Google in a tweet by saying “reading how Google has plans to help China set up a censored search engine is very disturbing.”

The Intercept reports shows that search terms related to human rights, democracy, religion and peaceful protests will be among the words blacklisted in the search engine app.

For now, there is no clear confirmation or denial of the report. However, in upcoming days, we will know that whatever it is, a false panic or a yet another mass rebellion within the company.

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