Dog lenses revealed by Snapchat

Dog lenses revealed by Snapchat

Just a few months ago, specifically, back in October, Snapchat went out to roll its cat-friendly lenses for all its users. Now, the social media platform has geared up for yet another introduction to its filters, made specifically for your dogs. These lenses have been launched by Snapchat just ahead of Christmas, with some reindeer filters, and amongst other like these feature the likes of a pizza face, along with glasses coming in as a Christmas present.

Consistent users of the app, along with the users is the lenses provided by Snapchat will actually know that just a little while ago, if they had applied the lenses on their dogs, it wouldn’t work right – because of the fact that such lenses were actually human-oriented filters. However, now, with the latest lenses in mind, as these are designed specifically for your dogs, it will be possible for you to make a perfect snap of your dogs – if you have any!

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Most important thing to notice is that these filters aren’t actually for humans, hence, they will only work on your buddy. So now, with these lenses in mind, the entertainment that snapchat provides will only be further enhanced!

Dog lenses revealed by Snapchat

Many users seemed to have missed this feature –after all, a dog is at the end of the day a man’s best friend, right? And taking selfies with your dogs isn’t a thing of a past, this, coupled with the desire of the users is the motivating factor behind which Snapchat introduced such a lens.

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