Samsung 2019 TV's can remotely access your PC!

Samsung 2019 TV’s can remotely access your PC!

So apparently you now possess a feature whereby you can control your PC and phone through your Samsung TV. The Samsung 2019 Smart TV models for the upcoming year and beyond will come packed with the power to control and display compatible applications installed on your PC, Laptop or even your smartphone. This new feature will be given the name of “Remote Access” which will in technological terms allow a user to access their other devices through a seemingly wireless connection but for desktop computer it will be through an IP address, while for your laptops and smartphones, it will be through simply your WiFi connection.

Moreover, you will simply have to connect a mouse device and a keyboard to the new smart TV to be able to access a PC in your bedroom. Moreover just imagine, playing games on a screen much larger then your mobile phone device’s screen. Well this feature will make it all happen and in addition will also give you the access to your web browser-based cloud office service, so you can open your work files on you TV and well alter them or work on your TV, sounds good right?

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Hyogun Lee, who is currently the Samsung Electronics Executive Vice President on the occasion stated that “ Samsung is committed to creating intuitive and convenient user experience for users. With the Remote Access feature, these users will be able to easily access various programs, applications and cloud services installed on multiple connected devices directly through their TV screen”

Samsung 2019 TV’s can remotely access your PC!

Now considering the idea of such access on your TV it seems like an ideal world honestly but it still seems that users will unlikely be able to access every application and program installed on your other device so its better to not expect that the feature will help you access each and every application you want opened.

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