Redmi is now a separate sub-brand of Xiaomi

Redmi is now a separate sub-brand of Xiaomi

The Chinese Technology giants namely, Xiaomi have announced to officially turn their very popular and efficient Redmi range into a sub-brand of their company. This announcement was made on the company’s website, which has promised its consumers that they will tell them more about their decision at a January press conference which will be held on the January 10.Moreover, an image was released by the company and by a mere look at the image we find that the company may roll out a Redmi phone with a 48-megapixel camera.

The Chinese enterprise, usually opt for the conventional mode of improving the megapixels, as 1200 represents 12MP while 500 refers to 5MP. The ‘4800’ text suggests that a 48MP Redmi device can be in the offering, but we will have to wait for any official news released by the company on this matter though but it should not be forgotten that the company’s president Lin Bin himself, announced last month that a device with a 48-megapixel camera is under process. Nevertheless, the text may also refer to the battery size, but Xiaomi usually uses a 4000mAh battery unit for its larger Redmi phones.

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So now as far as the new device is concerned, there are only speculations as to whether it will be a Redmi 7 Pro or Redmi Pro 2 or even a sequel to Xiaomi’s Redmi Pro, or an entirely new Redmi phone altogetherthis will probably be one of the most notable surprises that the company will make and Moreover, we do not know yet if it is the same 48MP phone announced earlier, which not only teased the 48MP branding but also a huge camera bump.

Redmi is now a separate sub-brand of Xiaomi

Whatever may be the case now,  the fact that Redmi is now Xiaomi’s sub-brand is an interesting decision, given that the brand has already dominated the company’s production up till now and users will be keen to see the difference that the new change will bring. The smartphone manufacturer already has a sub-brand named Pocoand their PocoPhones were also a key highlight in their production as these phones offer affordable flagship phones while the Redmi is series is expected to offer entry-level and midrange devices at cut-throat prices. Mi series will remain the company’s premium flagship series with the latest tech advancements.

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