1000 dollar earbuds?

1000 dollar earbuds?

Master & Dynamic happens to be a premium audio company, and produces products that few have the luxury to afford. And with that in mind, it would only make sense for the company to collaborate with another one of the premium company’s, that too happens to provide products that few can afford to pay for –and that’s exactly what Master & Dynamic has done, as the company recently announced its partnership with the French fashion brand – Louis Vuitton, by debuting the Louis Vuitton Horizon Earbuds.

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These wireless earbuds are quite identical to the MW07 –which are already quite expensive, without the additional cost that the Louis Vuitton logo brings along with it. Both the MW07 and the Horizon Earphones go on to feature 10mm beryllium dynamic drivers, and both share the same battery timing – 3.5 hours. However, while we are told to expect a battery life of 3.5 hours for the MW07, that doesn’t seem to be the care, as SoundGuys’ objective battery testing for the earbuds went on to yield only 3.03 hours of playback, so it is only smart to assume the same from the edition featuring Louis Vuitton.

1000 dollar earbuds?

However, while there seem to be some similarities between the two earbuds, you’d expect that by paying a thousand dollars, there should be some updates, right? And well yes, there are. For one, the monogram of Louis Vuitton brazenly sits atop the housings. The earbuds will be available in four exclusive finishes : ranging from the likes of black, to the likes of white, red, as well as one with blue and orange stripes overlayedon a black background. With regards to the case of the earbuds, you can admire the earbuds all you want, just by looking at it – as the case features as a sapphire glass window, through which the earbuds will be quite visible. So how about it then, would you be willing to spend a thousand bucks on earbuds?

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