Android Pie certified for more Samsung phones

Android Pie certified for more Samsung phones

If you happen to be the owner of either of the following phones : Samsung Galaxy A7, Galaxy A8, or indeed the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018), then there’s good news for you – as the WiFi Alliance has gone on to certify all three of the smartphones that came in 2018 for Android 9 Pie. What this means is that Samsung’s mid-range offering are indeed one step closer to Google’s latest Android platform.

The inclusion of the Samsung Galaxy A8 seems to be a bit contrary to the company’s updated software roadmap – which did not include the normal Galaxy A8 (2018). It has since then been stated that perhaps this exclusion was done by mistake, as the roadmap did indeed feature the likes of the Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus, along with the Galaxy A9.

Nonetheless, the smartphones coming from Samsung’s A-series will probably be getting the Pie update sometime in April of 2019. Also important to note is that since the rollout might take a bit more time then we perhaps are anticipating, the April 2019 timeframe might actually be the starting point for the update.

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Keep in mind though that most of the devices coming from the Korean manufacturer won’t actually be getting the One UI overlay, and this includes the A-series also not getting it. Only the flagship devices coming from the company are eligible for the One UI overlay – and this list includes the likes of the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus, the Note 8, the S9 and the S9 Plus, along with the Note 9. The overlay will without doubt be missed by all the users not getting it – since it makes it quite easier to get certain UI elements with one hand, and also goes on to adhere to the round aesthetic of Android Pie.

Android Pie certified for more Samsung phones

The stable Pie update, along with the One UI rolled out for both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the S9 Plus in December of last year, however, the update isn’t actually available in every country just yet. However, the update is indeed available in at least three counties thus far : Germany, the UAE, and Montenegro.

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