Latest update for the Pocophone F1

Latest update for the Pocophone F1

The global stable version of the MIUI is now finally rolling out for Xiaomi’s much appreciated budget flagship – the Pocophone F1. The update comes after a number of weeks after we saw Xiaomi release the Android 9 Pie for the affordable flagship that Xiaomi happened to release last year.

The latest update goes on to introduce 960fps slow-mo video recording. Currently, the phone from Xiaomi goes on to support 120fps and 240fps slow-mo video recording, so keeping in line with all the premium smartphones having 960fps, this inclusion would without doubt be a very welcome one by the users.

While we know that 960fps will be introduced within the videos, what we don’t know is exactly what the resolution of the 960fps videos will be. Samsung’s flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S9 features 960fps video recording with a 720p resolution, while Sony, with its flagship, the Sony Xperia XZ3 takes things to a different level, by introducing 1080p resolution within video recording.

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Of course, as expected really, the MIUI brings a bit more than just 960fps video recording to the table. The update also goes on to include an enhanced low-light mode for the nighttime shots that we all appreciate all too much, while there are also bumps in the security patch level, up to the 1st of December, last year. The Pocophone F1 is a bit behind in that regard, when you consider the fact that the January 2019 security patch has already been made available.

Pocophone’s global head, Alvin Tse also stated that the update includes “a bunch of fixes.” However, while this statement carries quite a bit of substance, these ‘fixes’ don’t actually yet include a fix for the touch response issue that some of the Pocophone F1 owners have reported to have been facing.

Latest update for the Pocophone F1

With that being a problem, Tse countered this by saying that an update next month will include touch optimizations. The phone will also get support for 4K video recording at 60fps, as well as a fix for the reported battery drain issue that has persisted for some users – all in the month of February!

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