Nokia X5 gets the pie update in China

Nokia X5 gets the pie update in China

Back in July of last year, the Nokia X5 was released by Nokia as a mid range phone, and it came with a price tag of around $147 at that time. The phone becomes Nokia’s second notched phone, after the initial notched screen coming within the Nokia X6. The Nokia X7 came with the Android Oreo Pre-installed, however, Nokia has now started to push the Android Pie update to the phone.

A user of the Nokia X5 quite recently shared a screenshot of the device which just received the pie update. The screenshot goes on to showcase the wide range of features that the new update will bring along – with the biggest feature kicking in to be the notch screen design adaption, which will allow the system or indeed the installed apps to make full use of the entire screen.

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The update also goes on to further improve the camera, the app store, weather client, theme store, and also goes on to change the assistant, along with some other programs.

Nokia X5 gets the pie update in China

In addition to all these new features, the update will also bring along new optimized battery management, new game assistant – and the long time coming security patches; which indeed came in December of last year. While the update has started to roll out already in China, a global approach is expected to follow sooner rather than later, and it is expected that the global version of the update will roll out as the Nokia 5.1 Plus.

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