Huawei willing to go the extra mile in convincing governments against its anti-spying policies

Huawei willing to go the extra mile in convincing governments against its anti-spying policies

In accordance to the chairman of Huawei – Mr Liang Hua, the Chinese company is fully willing to sign “no-spy” agreements with governments of different countries, including that of the United Kingdom. Such an agreement, if actually pushed through, would put the responsibility on Huawei to ensure that it prevents backdoor spying on other nations via the aid of Huawei equipment.

Hua stated : “We are willing to sign no-spy agreements with governments, including the UK government, to commit ourselves to making our equipment meet the no-spy, no-backdoors standard.”

Such a statement comes after Huawei faced intense scrutiny from both the United States, as well as countries in Europe, as the governments in both regions encouraged their people to avoid the usage of Huawei telecommunications gear due to fears of the company using that equipment to spy on other nations around the globe, reporting the findings to the Chinese government.

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The company has come under intense pressure recently for allegedly participating in espionage activities under the guide of the Chinese government itself. Such accusations have actively been denied by both Huawei as well as the government based in China. Interestingly enough, the allegations have never been fully proved either.

Speaking of the United Kingdom, the country seems to be deciding at the moment on how much Huawei equipment it will use for the deployment of its 5G networks.

Regarding the issue, a British government spokesman is quoted to have said on Tuesday : “The security and resilience of the [United Kingdom’s] telecoms networks is of paramount importance, and we have strict controls for how Huawei equipment is currently deployed in the UK.”

It won’t take too long before the UK finally decides upon Huawei’s involvement in the country’s telco infrastructure. Such promises coming to light from Huawei are an attempt in persuading the government of the country that there is indeed nothing to fear.

And as far as the United States goes, President Donald Trump is soon expected to sign an order which will go on to effectively ban all US telecoms from using Huawei’s equipment.

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