How has the Information Technology and Telecom sector faired in Pakistan

How has the Information Technology and Telecom sector faired in Pakistan

So following the current reshuffling of the cabinet that took place, ordered by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan and the budget 19-20 that has preceeded after that it seems things are going to get worst before they start getting better. Moreover, the former Minister of Information Technologyand Telecom, Fawad Chaudhary was set in charge of the Science And Technology Ministry of Pakistan, whilst to replace him came on board Dr. Khadlid Maqbool Siddiqui who is now supervising this sector of Pakistan.

Moreover, as it stands, the department of Information Technology and Telecommunications has so far failed in their objectives and things are not looking good. The minister and officials have failed to provide any jobs to the people of Pakistan and have so far failed to show the people that they have delivered to all the promises they made before the election, after which the PTI government came in to charge. It seems that the main issues faced by the Ministry is a lack of direction being given by the hierarchy which has in turn caused various communication issues which has resulted in in appropriate arrangements being made by the officials currently operating the Ministry. On top of that it is revealed that there is no sense of coordination in between in the ministry and that this has in turn caused numerous delays being made, piles of files gave gathered in the offices and many developments have been left as developments, as they have seen no action taken on them by the Ministry and it seems to be causing various problems for the department as well as the country.

Furthermore, the Minister, Dr. Khalid a does not have an answer to the problem and it is for that reason that he is unable to provide any sense of direction to those people who are under him. He himself has failed to make any notable contribution in terms of giving a clear and set direction to the department. It has been reported by various media sources who are a part of the PM’s Task Force that the activity taking place in the Ministry of IT and Telecom is in shambles and so far nothing is moving in the right direction which is cause of concern. No action coming from the ministry is leading to various losses being made by the industry, not to forget our country, which has surrounded itself in such a mess in terms of economic activity. The country is currently in an economic crisis and if the Ministry does not get there act together it can prove to be fatal for the country. Further losses cannot be bourn by the country and it is at this time that both the people and the ministries have to work together to bring Pakistan out of this crisis, However so far only the people have played their part, by accepting various budgets which has caused inflation and not to forget the rising dollar rate, but the ministry however is not playing there roles,  as can be seen by the Information Technology and Telecommunication sector who in stead of creating opportunities for the people of the country are currently creating more and more losses

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The PTI government had promised job creation in the industry , increase in FDI and further empowerment of the youth, however this Ministry has not only deprived the government of fulfilling that objective but in addition to that has actually created more economic chaos for its people. Moreover, in response to the question of why the Ministry is doing nothing to improve the industry, one official said that it is mostly incompetence by those involved but there is also the fear of NAB. Majority of the officers who carry out day-to-day decision making consider the point that doing nothing is much safer than making decisions and then implementation, for which they have to be answerable to NAB at a later stage which causes further disruptencies. As a result of this, files are as they are no decisions are being made, no ideas being shared no people involved and no action being taken by the Ministry, which in turn is leading to the industry making losses on a day to day basis. This has also suggested that the PM’s Task force has failed to employ the right people for the department and that there recommendations have not faired well in the current situation.

Finally the Ministry will have to improve the ways in which the Ministry is currently running in. The Ministry can simply make certain policies by involving the stakeholders and consulting with them on the issues and deciding which policies should be set up. This itself can help this sector to grow and possibly improve.  Furthermore the current Minister in charge of the industry needs to lead by example and needs to address any and all of the problems being faced by the industry. He needs to involve all of the people working in the ministry and needs to implement on the strategies created. They Ministry have to themselves decided whether Pakistan even needs the Ministry or not and if they think that currently does have this requirement then they need to get to work immediately. Direction, hard work and courage is required and if all the miniseries can play there part well, then Pakistan may in the long term benefit and get out of the economic crisis, however, if things are as they are, then nothing will change and hence nothing will improve.

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