No matter how convenient no petrol and all electric sounds, it hasn’t made the level of anticipated waves around the world other than the US. The primary reason behind it is the basic requirement of a firm infrastructure to support electric vehicles come at a price and uptil now, not many governments have come forward in allowing its companies to receive funds to build those infrastructure. However, for Iran, that might just about to change.

Iran wouldn’t be the first name that comes to mind when to talk electric cars but here it is, a bunch of optimistic university students capable of a whole lot more than people think of them showing off their potential. In this case, its Azad University students of the Qazvin branch who have teamed up for a long time now, in order to get their potential designs into a working prototype and it definitely impressed everyone around them since they have now agreed with the government and private companies that they would receive full funding of the project. This project involves, two seater electric vehicles and the of course, the infrastructure to support such vehicles. All that the university requires now is companies willing to assist with the production of the cars at a bulk level. The university Head, Morteza Mousakhani, is rather hopeful about the outcome of this extremely beneficial project. He also stated that the car would enter the market in 5 stages.

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These new cars are named Youz and Avita. The team od students responsible behind the making of these cars started a company back in 2008 named, PARAX motors and won consecutive awards fpr their brilliance in the design department.

Being next door neighbours, it is possible that the company plans to invest its money in Pakistan as well. With the increasing oil prices and petrol becoming out of reach of people due to extreme taxation, electric might be the next big thing for Pakistan and Iran might be the helping hand to put it in motion.

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