Gmail dark mode finally rolling out on Android

Google has made it official that dark mode is now finally rolling out for both Android and iOS. While many have not been on the receiving end of the update thus far – official word has made it clear that it won’t be too long before it finally happens. Gmail dark mode finally rolling out on Android.

Gmail’s dark mode will be there automatically in Android 10 if the user has the system-wide dark theme enabled. It will also kick in automatically for all those users that have battery saver enabled on their Pixel devices. As far as manual implementation goes : all you would have to do for that is go to settings on Gmail, then go to theme and from there, select “Dark.” Where the case presents itself that there is no “Dark” option there, it means that you haven’t received the update yet.

In accordance to what the speculation has had to say, the dark mode update has arrived via a server-side update rather than an app update. 9to5Google says that you will need version 2019.08.18.267044774 of the app – however, this does not mean that it is a guarantee that you’ll be receive the theme.

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The app goes on to allow the users to switch in between of light, dark and the system default. System default does bring about a certain bit of ambiguity with it – however, it probably refers to the fact that whatever system is currently active on your device – system default will follow it.

There have in fact been some cases shown where it can be seen that Gmail adopts a dark grey color scheme rather than the OLED-friendly black which can be seen on some of the apps with dark modes. A black theme does tend to consume less battery when compared to a dark grey theme on phones that feature with OLED screens. Regardless of the color though – one would have to imagine that more battery is saved when compared to the light themes.

Just last year, Google noted that YouTube’s dark mode – which uses dark grey – resulted in power savings of up to 60 percent when compared with the normal light theme.

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