Gaming on a TV screen or any screen at all is just getting boring isn’t it? Well, if you are bored of it, Sony might soon have a solution for you, and by soon, it could be as soon as 2020 and as soon as PS5!

In 2017, Sony filed a patent for holographic gaming displays and it must have been working on it for a long time because it might just be planning to add it in the PS5 and that could give the Sony’s console a massive edge over its competitors until Microsoft can bring a good alternative, but the question remains, is it really the future of gaming and how will it be utilized?

Using a combination of sensors and micromirrors, Sony intends to add it to the Playstation and make the gaming experience all the more intimate. The holographic display could be present anywhere from the front of the screen to the side bezels.

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Holographic displays have been the stuff of movies up till now and the attempts that tech companies have made to make it mainstream have failed miserably. This is not because the execution was bad, in fact it was a massively innovative thing for the future but at this point the main question to be asked is how is it going to be used and is it going to make the experience better. Nobody could answer this question better than Sony which might be releasing compatible games with it so that gamers can actually see how is it going to improve the experience and the subtle 3D effects that the holographic display will add, wouldn’t it be distracting from the gaming experience. Well, all the questions would be answered next holiday season with both Sony and Microsoft consoles tipped to release during those dates. This time next year, we would have some cool gaming tech in our hands, that’s for sure!

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