It took longer than expected but its finally here! Opposition leaders criticizing the PM’s UNGA speech. This time it is Bilawal Bhutto who has now used the word selected too many times. Claiming that the hype created around the impact of PM’s speech was fake and the speech was not intense enough to make the case for Kashmiris. He also questioned parts of the speech where PM brought up other issues which he believes that should not have been included because of the need to stress on the Kashmir issue and believes that the speech should have been solely focused on the plight of Kashmiris.

Our selected prime minister is being appreciated on our selected media, but those who know about the plight of Kashmiris as well as the history of their struggle, understand that Pakistan’s government can play a vital role for our Kashmiri brethren. This is a compromise that Pakistani people cannot tolerate. How many countries has he [prime minister] visited since” Article 370 was repealed. No matter how much our selected media and commentators laud and celebrate the premier’s speech, Pakistani public does not feel the same passion, they are disappointed. “You know how in North Korea, every time the leader makes a speech or issues a statement, people are made to line up on the streets, and they clap [for the government], anchors are made to sit before cameras on TV and they laud. This is what is happening in Pakistan.


Bilawal Bhutto has claimed that he is speaking on behalf of the public and believes that PM wasn’t able to portray the true picture of Kashmir and has successfully managed the role of an opposition which is going go to every length for criticising the one in power and not the take the responsibility of his own lack of actions in the province under his control.

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