Huawei confirms that some of the P30 Pro units are failing SafetyNet

Some users of the Huawei P30 Pro have reported this week that they have faced issues with regards to Google pay on their devices. As it turns out, the phones are said to be failing Safety Net – the Google service which is responsible for checking whether or not a device is running genuine and certified software.

Huawei has since then proceeded on by confirming that some users are indeed facing trouble and also that the company has been working with Google in an attempt to figure out exactly what has gone wrong – as the company figures out a way round the problem.

The issue was spotted firsthand by Paul O’Brien – who happens to be a UK-based developer. He noted that his “unmodified” Huawei P30 Pro had in previous course passed the SafetyNet without any issues at all – which resulted in the device running Google Pay – or indeed any other apps that go on to use SafetyNet in order to assess software integrity.

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The issue has since then been widely documented – as many various other P30 Pro users shared their experiences on Twitter. And while one might have imagined that this may be a problem for all users – this hasn’t turned out to be the case. Indeed it was also on Twitter where many users confirmed that they faced no problems of any sorts even though their devices were running the exact piece of software which was found on O’Brien’s phone.

As far as Huawei’s take on the issue goes – the a representative of the company has confirmed that some of the P30 devices are failing SafetyNet.

Huawei has also since said that the issue should only affect phones that are running Android 10-based EMUI 10 beta software – which has been made available since August. The company also proceeded on saying that the issue affects only a small number of beta testers.

On the subject though, while Huawei is adamant that the issue should only affect those users that are running EMUI 10 beta software on their devices, but there have also been cases where regular users that run stable, non-beta EMUI 9.1 firmware on their phones have faced issues. It’s still unclear exactly how many users have faced problems, but we will get the numbers soon enough!

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