Huawei P30 Pro are failing SafetyNet, confirmed by Huawei

So big news is coming around from a very big brand in the world of cell phones,it has been found that some units of recently launched Huawei P30 Pro have started to fail the Safety Net.It should be noted that SafetyNet is a Google service which ensures whether or not  devices are running genuine, certified software. If you do in fact fail your SafetyNet it more or less means that your device can not use Google services such as Google Pay and other famous apps like YouTube, Gmail or Netflix. All in all, in terms of the new phone’s OS, the company are facing some really genuine issues.

Moving on, Android Authority have in turn reached out to the Chinese manufacturers, Huawei to actually find out what has been so troubling, what’s going on, and according to Huawei, this problem only applies to Huawei P30 Pro units that are running EMUI 10 beta software. Moreover,the company have also claimed that the issue does not actually affect all beta testers, but just a small number of them and that the issue appears to be on Google’s side.

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Furthermore,in response to the issues, Huawei have claimed that “usually for the sake of beta testing, Google allows vendors’ beta OS version on specific models to appear and behave as certified version/device even if this version/device combination is still in the process of being certified”. Following some investigation in to the phone,it has been found that the global EMUI 10 beta version which was released on the Huawei P30 and P30 pro in early August did not appear and behave as certified device anymore where they should be, as explained above.

EMUI10 on P30/P30 pro had been certified recently and the certified version will be available to global users in the future. In the meantime, we’re reaching out to Google to identify the cause of this issue for the current beta users and try to solve it as soon as possible.”

The company have been at row with the US over the past few months and it seems that the company’s troubles continue to pile up one after the other so if the company does want to maintain there brand image they have to completely shut down the amount of problems they have been facing. It is surprising and honestly pretty amazing that the company have admitted to that there is a problem rather then deviating the issue.

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