It is believed that Samsung are working on a sliding display device

So one of the main reasons that Samsung has been the global market leader for almost half a decade is because of the company’s attitude to come up with the newest and most innovative smartphone and other devices to the hands of there consumers. You can pretty much owe that to the amazing R&D department of Samsung. Samsung’s R&D department is always the fastest when it comes to filing patents for new devices. Most of the patents, despite being quite innovative, are too good to be true like the recently unveiled triple display phone patent.Now it has been found that the Korean tech giants have reportedly, filed a patent for a unique smartphone with a flexible sliding touch screen display which conceals the top bezel of the device.

As per the details provided by the patent, the display of this device will be attached to a pinion and a complex rack which will allow the user to slide upwards and downwards. When the display is closed, the flexible display will hide the bezel housing the selfie camera and earpiece.

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If Samsung do pull this design off, this will not give the Korean giants bragging rights though,the smartphone will not be the first sliding display smartphone available in the market. Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3 is a pretty much practical implementation of this idea. But as per the details of Samsung’s patents, the mechanism that Samsung is proposing is completely different from what Xiaomi employed. Based on the illustrations on the patent, the users will have to slide the display downward to reveal the earpiece in case of an audio or video call. Sliding the display down will receive the call and sliding the display up will end the call, which seems like a pretty cool feature all round.

Even though the sliding display provides a large screen to body ratio, we are still unsure whether or not the device will have any other uses since the patent does not specify any.

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