PM Khan just turned 67 and his birthday couldn’t come at a better time for the premier. He just took the stage at the UNGA and gave a compelling speech to fight for the rights of Kashmiris. His speech received applaud from around the world, however the implications are yet to be seen.

Lets dig into PM Khan’s history to see how did he spend his life, the major events leading up to his decision to taking on politics and succeeding.

Imran Khan was born on October 5, 1952 to his father Ikram ullah Khan. He completed his schooling years in Lahore and then went to the UK to study political science at Oxford University. Those was a scandalous time in his life where he was involved with a lot of women, the list of which is mentioned on Wikipedia. However, he was able to put that life on the sides while he started playing first class cricket in 1969. He rose to the scene early and the future for Pakistan looked bright. He made cricket his passion and that showed as he was given the captaincy and then soon after won the Pakistan Cricket Team their first and only World Cup in 1992. There was a frenzy in Pakistan of his success.

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However, after the World Cup he called it quits and now dedicated his life to politics. Forming of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf in 1996 was the was first step on the road to a continuous struggle to get to power which he finally did in 2018. That was the year he became Pakistan’s 22th Prime Minister.

His marriage life wouldn’t be called that much of a success. As he was divorced twice, first to Jamaima, and then to Reham, one of whom is still backing him for success for his country.

His charity work includes the infamous Shaukat Khanum Hospital which became the trademark for other hospitals to follow and included free and cheap treatment and is one of the most notable jobs done by him.

Happy Birthday PM Khan!

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