Mate 30 Pro’s Google Apps workaround still seems to be working

Just last month saw Huawei launch its next generation Mate 30 series flagship smartphones in China. The devices made history as they became the very first from the Chinese manufacturer to feature without the support for apps and services provided by Google – all courtesy of the ban that was imposed on the company by the government of the United States.

However, there was a workaround available which has allowed users to install Google apps and services on their Mate 30 series device – even with the ban  imposed. Last week though, there was a report which highlighted the security issues that were present with regards to using the workaround. LZ Play app is the workaround thereby which users are given the opportunity to install Google services even though there is a ban – and after the report highlighting the security concerns was published, LZ Play app was soon shutdown.

The latest developments have now suggested that Google mobile services on the Mate 30 Pro can now easily be installed on the Mate 30 Pro. The report which has brought in the element of practicicality to this idea goes on to suggest that all the apps which were installed worked and continue to work without any issues whatsoever.

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Accordingly, the report has also identified the concern which surrounded the Google Pay service now working. It has since been claimed that the issue is actually related to EMUI – which happens to be the custom user interface from Huawei. The fact that Google pay conflicts have been reported on other devices from Huawei has also been well documented within the report – these also include the device which happen to be running full Google Mobile services.

Till now, the Mate 30 series was only rolled out in the Chinese market and so there weren’t many problems over the absence of Google Play services on the device. Now though, Huawei has started the process to roll out the devices in other markets too – starting with the Malaysian market. While users in China might not be missing what Google has to offer, access to services from the company is very important for users based in other markets as they have continued to reply on its apps and services for many years now.

Huawei is also working on the  development of its very own app store : called Huawei App Gallery. It seems like the Chinese manufacturer has already planned for life without Google, as it is ready to pump in more than a Billion dollars for the establishment of its own app store. Whether this app store from the company proves to be successful – to the extent to which it can challenge the likes of Google remains to be seen.

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