US has been involved with China for a long time now and this trade war seems to be never ending with both going head to head in all technological departments. But everyone is aware of the regime in China and how it is susceptible to the possibility of human rights violation, especially the muslims. Chinese, by belief, consider Communism to be their one and only religion and therefore do not encourage interference of any other religion.

There is a massive number of Muslims present in China, but that’s where the problem starts. They do not want to be part of the belief system of communism and have continued to isolate themselves from any involvement in the government matters. But the Chinese government has become inisistent on these Chinese muslims enrolling themselves into conversion schools, where they are kept busy in other things and prevented from practicing Islam. Worst case scenarios also include forceful conversion and also terror and torture camps that are subject to human rights violation. This is where US has stepped in and banned Eight Chinese firms from operating in the US for their role in enabling the human rights violation of Chinese muslims.

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According to techcrunch, these are the websites placed on the Entity list

The government organizations placed on the Entity List today include the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region People’s Government Public Security Bureau and several associated government agencies, and tech companies video surveillance manufacturers Dahua Technology and Hikvision, AI tech firms Yitu, Megvii, SenseTime and iFlyTek, digital forensics company Meiya Pico and Yixin Technology Company.

The entity list is basically the list of firms that would now require additional licenses to purchase from US firms and these include special demands from the Government and is basically an exclusion list for firms that US does not want operating in the country.

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