Andy Rubin is no stranger to controversy. His life’s timeline is full of them but that doesn’t mean he stops taking risks and even after leaving Google has a certain aura to himself which enables him to come up with unique ideas which eventually catch on as a trend. The most important of these innovations was the notch. Even before Apple, it was the Essential phone which went for maximizing the screen real estate and the after effects are visible as every smartphone company around the world has caught on with the trend of making notches, not many know this but the pioneer of the idea has been Andy Rubin.

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Andy Rubin left Google in a controversy with an alleged case of sexual misconduct and a hefty severance package which enabled him to come up with a company of his own under the name Essential products. The company came up with the Essential phone which as you know by now was the start of something new but didn’t get the attention it deserved. However, that didn’t hinder the path of Andy Rubin who was on the path of something new. This time it’s a device which looks more like a TV remote than a smartphone. The design is more like Xperia’s taller displays but make that taller… tallest. It is smaller than actual remotes but is an extremely tall displays and the first few shots show that the phone has Android built in with a front cutout for the camera. The taller display allows for more info cards to be shown on the display.

The rear of the device is like the Mate 30 with a  camera bump and a rear fingerprint sensor. The company has not yet released the devices but the pictures of prototypes have been released and here is what ESSENTIAL has to say about their upcoming product:

We’ve been working on a new device to reframe your perspective on mobile. It’s now in early testing with our team outside the lab. Look forward to sharing more in the near future! #ProjectGEM

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