Lets put all that excitement of cricket returning to Pakistan and focus on the performance of Pakistan cricket team in this short series that was being played against a second-string Sri-Lankan side. The series started with a very disappointing first match abandonment due to rain. This caused a little change in schedule so that the second ODI could be played without interruption. white wash over world number 1 Pakistan.

What followed in Karachi were comfortable victories for Pakistan in what seemed to be a game in which men were playing against boys. This should have been case throughout the series with senior players of the Sri Lankan rejecting the chance to play in Pakistan over security concerns even after repeated security checks from Sri Lankan officials. Come on guys, live a little!

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Well, lets get back to the series highlights. With a series whitewash in Karachi, the teams headed for Lahore for 3 T20s. The hype was real and fans were excited to witness their team play against an international side, with that T20 thrilling experience. However, not many would have returned convinced with what they saw on the pitch as they saw their side tumbling against a second-tier Sri Lankan side which they usually brushed aside in the ODI series. Considering that Pakistan holds top spot for T20 in international rankings, the extra pressure of showing the world of why they deserve that spot might have just been too much for the hosts to handle. This was quite evident in the performance of the team as it got whitewashed by Sri Lanka in Lahore in front of their home crowd.

This being the first series that Misbah-Ul-haq was in charge could be seen as a building block for the team but early signs are not looking good with both Ahmed Shahzad and Umer Akmal failing to impress and the miserable condition of Pakistani batting continues to take away the balling brilliance shown by the ballers.

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