Nokia has been awarded with more that 2000 patents which deal with 5G

So one company which has made a pretty decent comeback in recent times would be Nokia, the company made its way back in to the smartphone industry with its Android devices and honestly the company have launched some pretty decent devices. This has helped boost revenue however, still a considerable amount of its resources are still spent towards research and development of alternate technologies and the technology that makes top of the list for the R&D department of Nokia is 5G. Moreover, on 9th of October, Nokia revealed that they have been awarded  with more than 2000 patent families which are essential for “5G” standards to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

Moreover, out of all these patents, the two most notable patents include US patent US9,338,785B2 and European patent EP2848055B1. A statement shared by the company said that both these patent provide network resources for smartphones, industrial devices and other equipment to access services with shorter latency, increased reliability and higher throughput, the company. To summarize the situation, they exhibit an end to end guide of technologies and methods which are required to facilitate 5G, right from the signal emitting towers to smartphones which will be equipped with this technology.

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Besides, the same statement also added that the standardization process of 5G that is managed by 3GPP  a consortium of seven standards development organizations which includes ETSI, has already been carried out. And products complying with the set standard will be compatible with each other and work together in a seamless manner, so manufacturers can provide a wide variety of options to the end consumers. The Chief Technology Officer and President at Nokia Bell Labs Marcus Weldon, talked about the company’s achievements over the years by saying “ The tradition of technologies invented by Nokia Bell Labs leading the world clearly continues in the 5G era.”

In addition to him, the current President of Nokia Technologies, Jenni Lukander shared her experience by saying that “ Through licensing, other businesses and industries can benefit from Nokia’s innovation, as we seek to enable an ever more connected world.”Finally, after the companyhas been successful in adopting 2000 newly awarded patents, Nokia Cellular’s portfolio of standard essential patents (SEPs) for all G standards will now account for more that 2,700 patent families which has apparently put the company in a strong position in the domain of 5G which is regarded as the next generation of Telecommunication.

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