Huawei future the subject : as the CEO of the company makes some big claims

Just a few months ago, the US Commerce Department blacklisted Huawei in light of the allegations that were put forward which stated that the Chinese manufacturer installs backdoors on its networking equipment which goes on to pose a national security threat to the United States of America. Such a move meant that companies based in the US were prohibited from maintaining any sort of trade relations with the Chinese company. As a result of this of course, Huawei was no longer allowed to work with Google. This obviously was going to have severe implications for the company, and so has proven : the company’s latest flagship Mate 30 series doesn’t have the support for Google services right out of the box.

Just a little while after the ban took place, rumors had started to gain pace that Huawei had actually been working on its very own OS since 2012. And while the company might not have been forecasting the events that have ensued, the fact that the latest Mate 30 series features with AOSP (Android Open Source Project) without the support for Google Play Service means that Huawei has been put under a lot of pressure to come up with a solution quickly.

And like one would’ve imagined, Huawei is doing exactly that : giving out a response. Indeed, it has been made official now that the secret Huawei OS is called HarmonyOS (HongMeng in China). As a matter of fact, Huawei has already launched a device which runs this particular OS on the Honor Vision TV. However, as far as smartphones are concerned, the proper implementation is miles away from being applied.

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Ren Zhengfei, who happens to be the CEO of Huawei was interviewed a little while ago, and in the interview, the CEO claimed that his company’s in-house developed OS which we now know is in fact HarmonyOS, will be in the position to compete against top rivals – like, for instance – Apple’s iOS – all within a period of two years.

The CEO has also been quick to acknowledge that Huawei is indeed suffering huge losses currently. He states that Huawei is currently seeing a drop of more than ten billion dollars in its analytical expected sales revenue – solely because of the fact that the Chinese company is unable to use Google’s products in its smartphones. However, even after this, the company proceeded on posting an aggregate revenue of $58.3 billion in the first of this year alone. These figures represent a 23.2 percent increment year-on-year.

Exactly how successful the OS will turn out to be for Huawei – we can only wait and see. For the time being though, we hope that the company innovates and gives users even more options with its OS than what they already have.

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