The PRO variant trend is here to stay and companies are making the most of it by compromising on the original phones to get everything in the PRO versions. Almost all companies now have PRO variants to their flagships but we have always wondered whether there was a need for that at all. PRO is basically speccing up the phone so much that it becomes a powerhouse of sorts. However, initially the flagships did this exactly, but now it seems like people would like a normal variant and a PRO variant just so that they could get a flagship phone at a lower price, but that isn’t too cheap also. OnePlus 7t Pro.

OnePlus is one of those companies that hasn’t been crowding its lineup and keeping it clean and simple. At first there was just the one flagship killer smartphone every year. This slowly changed to having a flagship killer release followed by a T variant to get the year end upgrades. These were minimal upgrades but often welcome. This year, OnePlus went one step further and introduced a PRO variant. This was a slightly expensive phone with a little extra to offer and getting a little closer to that flagship level price range. Now that they had introduced a PRO variant for the OnePlus 7, that meant that we would be expecting a PRO variant for the T phone as well. And that’s exactly what we got!

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The OnePlus 7T PRO comes after the OnePlus 7T which has received rave reviews but lets see how better can the PRO variant be.

Well, the spec sheet doesn’t say much except a few differences like a bigger display and a slightly bigger battery. It is just a slightly better phone from the 7T. So the upgrades are so minimal that one questions the existence of such a variant. While the 7T is dubbed as the one that should have been the actual PRO variant, the 7T PRO should be dubbed as the one that was not even needed.

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