2019 has been the year where we got two masterful movies from both Marvel and DC. Marvel has been stripping apart its competitors when it comes to superhero movies with DC in a transitional phase and not being able to match the versatility and massiveness of Marvel movies. DC movies usually come out as dark and thus are directed at a very specific audience. On the contrary, Marvel movies are usually PG-13 meaning a lot more people can watch such movies. That is the reason behind the huge gulf between movie collections between DC and Marvel. Avengers Vs Godzillas 

However, in 2010, DC might just have turned the ferris wheel around. The release of Endgame in the earlier part of the year so humongous box office collections for the Marvel movie breaking the all-time collection of Avatar to become the highest grossing movie of all time. Joker was scheduled for later the same year and the trailer oozed potential. The main character being acted out by Joaquin Pheonix who is one of the most under-rated actors of Hollywood but the moment he signed for the film, it got everyone excited and the hype was real!

While Endgame had the benefit of having Infinity war ending on a cliff-hanger, a more emotional scenario and a build-up of 23 movies all leading up to one final extra-vaganza. This was enough to get people excited about the movie and the movie undoudtedly delivered. The box office collections are evidence of that.


However, DC didn’t have a lot riding on the Joker. Movies involving joker have been hits and misses in the past with the recent Suicide Squad being one of the miss ones. However, the Dark Knight series are masterpieces where Heath Ledger made history with how well he performed the role of the joker, and it seemed like that acting could never be outdone, but I think its time for a new Joker to rise. All hail Joaquin Pheonix for his performance as a man with mental illness and a victim of society and when he finally unleashes his inner demons, it causes destruction and Tod Phillips was on top of his direction game with the execution of the movie. The movie has had an opening of around $100 million, even though its still a long road to the $3 billion earned by Endgame but being a more truer to life movie and by underlining the problems of the society, Joker was able to make a stronger human connection with its viewers.

Finally coming to individual battles and this could be another year where Iron Man loses to the Joker for the Oscars. Last time, it was Heath LEDGER who powered through and won the Oscar for best actor for his role as Joker, over Iron Man, or Robert Downey Jr. This year it seems like a similar story, with Robert giving another stellar performance in Endgame but could possibly be second fiddle to the masterful Joaquin, who has literally blown the viewers away!

It has been one hell of a year when it comes to such movies! Definitely worth a few watches!

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  • onlinemovies4free , October 27, 2019 @ 7:15 pm

    Joker has great initial story but movie finished too soon. wanted to see more, waiting for joker 2. how he will became underworld king of Gotham city. soo far best joker story line.

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