Samsung has had a lengthy spell with the touchwiz skin atop Android, which was more than a mess and the excessive use of colors just made it even harder to use. With the modern requirement for simplicity Samsung had to do something with its UI and that it did with the ONE UI. This time, it was a cleaner operating system with focusing on hardware and software working in harmony and rather than adding every possible feature to the phone, Samsung is getting back to basics, but take nothing away it is still very distinguishable from Android.

Now that Android 10 is here, Samsung was also expected to release the ONE UI for the latest version of Android. The beta has now been released early with the launch expected to be Mid-October. Samsung has enhanced quite a bit and here is the list of what Samsung believes to be the changes that have been brought in by ONE UI to maximize the utility of Android 10.

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  • A new, smarter layout with animated icons and improved edge lighting
  • An enhanced Dark Mode that reduces display brightness while viewing content and provides battery saving benefits
  • Minimized pop-ups, embedded loading indicators and the ability to only view buttons the user needs
  • A streamlined design where notifications take up less space, allowing users to stay up to date while focusing on the task at hand
  • Focus Mode to pause apps temporarily for times when you need to minimize distractions

Considering the bullets above, there is no particular overhaul but that’s alright since the ONE UI itself was a major overhaul for Samsung and now it just needs to polish it more and more to extend the productivity that Android 10 has to offer.

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