Earlier this year, Uber started a small-scale laying-off phase structure which meant that over the course of the year, extensive evaluation would be done on the numerous departments that Uber is responsible for now and will be laying off employees to normalize the wage bill. The employees affected include people from Eats, performance marketing, Advanced Technologies Group, recruiting as well as various other departments. The total this time reached around 350. It is a huge case for Uber considering that laying off 350 people is considered as small scale, just showing how Uber has grown into such a massive conglomerate.

Uber CEO sent an email to all employees to maybe ease them off the pressure a little bit of the possibility of future laying offs since this is said to be the last phase of lay-offs. Here is the email in full:

Team Uber,

As you know, over the past few months, our leaders have looked carefully at their teams to ensure our organizations are structured for success for the next few years. This has resulted in difficult but necessary changes to ensure we have the right people in the right roles in the right locations, and that we’re always holding ourselves accountable to top performance.

Today is the last wave of a process we began months ago with our Marketing team, and more recently, with our Product and Engineering teams. This time, ATG, Eats, Global Rides and Platform (Rides Ops, CommOps, Safety & Insurance, U4B, and Product Ops), Performance Marketing, and Recruiting have made changes. As part of this exercise, some of our employees are being asked to relocate, and around 350 will be leaving the company.


Days like today are tough for us all, and the ELT and I will do everything we can to make certain that we won’t need or have another day like this ahead of us. We all have to play a part by establishing a new normal in how we work: identifying and eliminating duplicate work, upholding high standards for performance, giving direct feedback and taking action when expectations aren’t being met, and eliminating the bureaucracy that tends to creep as companies grow.

We have proven ourselves to be not only one of the most ambitious and innovative companies in the world, but also one of the most resilient. We’ve always pushed through tough times and come out the other side a better and stronger company—that will continue to be true tomorrow, and every day after.

As always, we’ll be at the All Hands tomorrow and will dedicate most of the time to answer your questions. Add yours to the slido here.

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