Both Pixel phones come with 90Hz displays

After months and months of speculation along with leaks, Google’s latest flagship smartphones have now finally been launched : as both the Pixel 4, and its bigger brother – the Pixel 4 XL make their way into the market. And while now we get a much better look at the devices, there isn’t much that we didn’t already know thanks to the sheer amount of leaks and speculation.

While both the flagship phones come with some new features that we didn’t see in the previous generations, importantly, Google has also decided to retain some of the features that made the previous Pixel phones fan favorites. Anyways, coming down to it all – both the devices feature with OLED screens and a 90Hz refresh rate. Google has termed this as “Smooth Display.” This time around, there isn’t exactly a massive notch on show like we had with the Pixel 3 XL – however, the foreheads still are sticking out, courtesy of the sensors which are packed underneath.

The Pixel devices also feature with an extra camera that can be found on the back. This camera is a telephoto lens : and with regards to this, it only means one thing : portrait mode now will get even better on the Pixel devices! As if it wasn’t already unbelievably impressive. Of course, the rumors prior to the launch of the devices focused greatly on the face unlock technology that will feature in the devices. Consequently, users now have a new way with which they may unlock their devices and also make payments : with face unlock technology. As a direct consequence of the integration of face unlock technology, there isn’t the presence of a fingerprint scanner that we see in the phones.

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Much has also been made about the Soli Radar chip that Google integrated within a phone of its for the very first time, and thanks to this, users will be able to control the devices without even touching it.

As far as the case for Active Edge goes : it still is present. Hence, users still can squeeze and activate the all-new Google Assistant. While there is no audio jack, there are stereo speakers to satisfy your music needs. There also is an eSim along with a nono-SIM slot. Of course, since it’s a phone from Google itself, you won’t be disappointed with regards to the updates that the device gets, as at least 3 years of security and OS updates are pretty much a given.

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