YouTube has just recently updated its terms and conditions and looks like the latest update needs a reading or two. This time YouTube isn’t joking around and aims to target ad-blockers that prevent blocking of ads before videos.

Remember the times, when YouTube was a little more than a money making machine for Google? Well, those times are long gone and Google has integrated ads before, after and even during videos. However, this hasn’t changed much in terms of the number of people accessing YouTube because of the fact that Google was successfully able to in still YouTube in our lives and now, even with ads, we are fine, although a little frustrated.

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This frustration has been quietly controlled by ad-blockers who are just sick of the ads and don’t only use them for YouTube but other websites as well. Google, has now updated its terms, which require the user to not have any sort of ad-blocker software extension or else, the user account would be disabled forever. This has been seemingly out of the blue, and is a sign of how Google is slowly extracting the fun out of YouTube and making it more of a money machine than at any other time in the history of YouTube.

From here, we recommend you to deactivate any extension or application that blocks ads on YouTube. As you could run the risk of a permanent ban. Remember that you can add exceptions so that the app or extension does not work on certain websites. So it is not necessary to “uninstall” this tool to not be banned by Google.

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