Elephone Will Launch its First Release In Pakistan

Elephone just announced that they would be coming to Pakistan with their smartphones, and people cant be happier. Although it will take time to adjust in the already crowded market, but once Elephone is able to win the trust of people, it is all upwards from there.

Elephone has started sending out invites to all prestigious and well-known publishers, websites and media, of which NetMag is a proud part of, to attend their first release of smartphones in Pakistan. 

Elephone can be characterized as a company which sells highly affordable flagships. It can be called a OnePlus equivalent but that seems to be a bit of a stretch considering both companies have a different target audience. It has created a name for its smartphones over the years and now coming to Pakistan would be a very good decision considering how people prefer mid-range phones that offer the best of specs. 

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Elephone has tried its luck in similar markets and have been largely successful in making a name for themselves. The release is scheduled for 8th December, and will mark a new era of smartphones coming to Pakistan. Already excited!

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