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When Do Most Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders Become Successful?

While the most successful entrepreneurs that we have for so long been inspired of, including the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates all attained great success in their early twenties, success doesn’t always come knocking this early for everyone. In fact, the average age of most entrepreneurs that have founded their companies across the United States is 42 – and most of these entrepreneurs are looking for stability in whatever business they open up, rather than expanding it all over the globe.

Of course, the average age for people who get into the whole scene of startups varies greatly from the types of businesses. For instance, the average age for a software startup is 40, while young people are less found starting up a business in industries such as oil, gas and biotechnology – where the average age happens to be closer to 47.

But what happens to be the age of most entrepreneurs that have successful startups? Well, recent statistics have actually indicated that amongst the very top 0.1 percent of startups based on growth over the course of the past few years have founders who on average were 45 years of age. The success with regards to startups is mostly determined by the introduction of more employees. It has also been suggested by such indicators that when you look at some of the most successful firms all across the world, the average of the founder is actually found to go up – rather than go down. And so empirical evidence fully suggest that successful entrepreneurs for most businesses tend to be more middle-aged rather than young.

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One of the reasons why middle-aged entrepreneurs taste the most success is down to the fact that experience plays a critical role in the expansion of any business. Even when you take into account the biggest entrepreneurs in history like Steve Jobs – he too experienced the most growth in his line of work when Apple introduced the iPhone – and this was when the man was 52. Even Jeff Bezos’ Amazon witnessed its peak when he was 45.

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