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Thousands of the United Bank Limited customers facing difficulties due to the servers down

Experiencing difficulties with UBL services today? You’re not alone.

United Bank Limited account holders are experiencing difficulties in banking transactions. Users complained of facing issues in all transactions including withdrawals, transactions, transfers and other tasks. Users are frustrated as the system has been down all day and as it is Sunday, users can not avail manual methods. They are totally grounded and frozen.

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Our source at United Bank Limited told us that the team maintaining the online systems is working steadfastly to fix this issue and get the entire ecosystem up and running as soon as possible. He assured customers that this will be fixed overnight and was very apologetic about the whole scenario.

Banks in Pakistan have had a very bad quarter with technical issues as many banks have had methodical difficulties with their online systems.

We hope that the servers go online and fully functional by the morning or many businesses will be affected which will be more adverse than the average consumer being affected on a day like Sunday.

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