Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Under The Microscope

The most attractive of slogans of PM Khan’s election campaign was Naya Pakistan. This was a glimpse into what he wanted the new Pakistan to look like. After about half his time in the main seat, there is not much to show for it but at least we have the Naya Pakistan Housing scheme underway!

This program has received a staggering 19,18,000 requests, and 6 days still remain on the deadline. The people who have registered to the program also goes a long way to show how times have changed on how Pakistan used to treat minorities. Among these numbers, 5515 belong to Khwaja Siras, most of whom belong to Kachhi population. Widows have registered a total of 34654 registrations and 9325 divorced women. Finally, 715473 have been registered by working class citizens. This information is provided by a spokesperson from Nadra. These numbers are very noble feat achieved by the Naya Pakistan housing scheme. 

The deadline of the applications have been fixed to December 15, 2019, which includes a month of extension.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme registration has been extended
Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme registration has been extended

The purpose of this program is to make the vision of the PM of Pakistan practical, in which the poor and the deserving will be provided their houses in easy installments. In this regard, NADRA is performing registrations through e-convenience franchise networks and online websites across the country.

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In the second phase, 259,276 people registered in Islamabad district, Lahore has 22089 registrations, Karachi and Multan have 121759 and 77569 registrations respectively. Bahawalpur and Peshawae have 57442 and 44685 registrations as well. 

NADRA has made registration very easy by applying for it online and get the benefits of getting your own house on easy installments!

How to register for naya pakistan housing scheme
In order to register your application you must Hold valid CNIC or NICOP card.

You can register with a fee of Rs.250 by using one of the following two options.

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